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Apprenticeship Signing Ceremony

June 13, 2019
By: John Window

At Little Lakes we know that only the best people can produce the precision tooling and parts our customers rely on. We also realize that, employers have a responsibility to provide high-quality job opportunities to the next generation of machinists.

Here we are, at the library of Stratford’s North Western High School after signing the Apprenticeship Agreement with our latest addition to the Team – Congratulation, Jaxon!  Prior to being accepted as an apprentice, Jaxon proved himself as a Grade 12 Coop Student/Employee at  Little Lakes. I look forward to seeing you reach your potential at Little Lakes.

Many thanks to the Co-op Education Team at North Western, esp. Mr. Collings, Ms. Riddell and Mr. Roth, for your support in making this possible.