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Why the high-tech manufacturing reality is different from perception.

February 6, 2019
By: John Window

What comes to mind when you think of manufacturing?  Dumb and mindless activities, dirty and noisy factories spewing toxins into the air, and dangerous work where workers risk life and limb?   Or do you think of high skilled multi-faceted jobs, team work in clean, friendly environments? How about creative problem solving with the latest high-tech computers and equipment? Or rewarding, well-paid jobs and long-term careers?

Unfortunately, and undeniably, there ARE  manufacturing businesses out there that do nothing to dispel the perception.  And not only in China or India – SW Ontario also has its share of dumb, dirty and dangerous workplaces.  But increasingly, a new vision of manufacturing is taking hold, one in which people are respected as people, not numbers, and their skills are valued as the key driver of company success.

If you want to change your mind about manufacturing, or the mind of someone else, arrange for a visit Little Lakes Machine & Tool Co. and come for a plant tour.